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Choosing a good profile photo

Guidelines you need to know when adding your profile picture

Your profile photo is your chance to make a great first impression on students and showcase both your professionalism and your personality. In this article, we will guide you through the process of selecting the photo that best suits your RighTutors profile.


In order to guarantee that your photo is good, make sure that:

  1. Your face and eyes are fully visible (except for the religious reasons).
  2. Your photo is centered and upright
  3. Your photo is in color, with high resolution, and without filters.
  4. Your photo has neutral lighting and background.
  5. Please, smile and look into the camera.

Of course, this is not your passport photo. Feel free to smile as if you were greeting students at your first lesson!


Here are some examples of good profile photos:


We do not accept the following kinds of photos:

  • Photos containing logos or contact information

  • Photos that show people other than the tutor (for legal reasons)

  • Photos with borders or frames

  • Blurry photos

  • Heavily-edited photos

  • Photos in black and white

In order to be approved directly, please make sure your photo is a good match and meets all our requirements. Otherwise, we will have to reject your photo and the registration process will take much more time.


Here at RighTutors we are working hard to provide you with more students. Our research has shown that the guidelines above will help you to stand out among other tutors. So more students will choose you!


Video introduction guidelines

All you need to know when creating your profile intro video

Your intro video can be a great way to instantly build a bond with your potential student. It will help you provide an interactive preview of your unique skills and characteristics as a tutor and stand out from the crowd!


Follow these steps to create your engaging video.



Introduce yourself (15-20 seconds)

Start your video by answering these questions:

  • What is your name (please note that for confidentiality reasons, we ask tutors to use their first name only)?

  • Where are you from? Where are you located now?

  • What do you teach?

  • What languages do you speak?

Focus on your skills (30-50 seconds)

Let students know how you will help them reach their goals:

  • What are your qualifications, work experience, and skills that are relevant to teaching?

  • What is your teaching style? What are your lessons like?

  • Do you have a preferred teaching method?

  • What activities and materials do you like to use during lessons?

  • What do you specialize in? (E.g. Business English, exam preparation; Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced)

Ending (15-25 seconds)

Encourage your potential students to book a lesson with you! Thank them for watching your video, and wrap up with a motivational message.


Requirements for videos

To pass our video approval process with ease, be sure your video follows the requirements below:

  • The length of your video must be up to 2 minutes

  • You must have a horizontal video - videos that are filmed vertically or with frames/borders will not be accepted

  • You must not give out your personal information - it is prohibited to advertise your personal websites, social media accounts, or contact information. Also, we cannot approve videos uploaded to professional YouTube channels that contain links to personal websites, social media, and contact details

  • To protect your privacy, do not mention your last name

  • You must not use copyrighted material - be as unique as possible to avoid copyright infringement. Don’t use a material that was made by another person

Shooting the video

More tips

  • Smile and be friendly. This will make your potential students feel welcomed!

  • If you are fluent in multiple languages, dedicate a part of your video to speak in those languages and add subtitles

  • Help your potential students connect with you. Mention your hobbies or interests if they are relevant to your teaching

  • Watch the video after recording to check that you are happy with the sound and image quality as well as the content

There are two ways to submit your intro video:

  1. Use your webcam to record your video introduction and email it to us.
  2. Use your webcam or any other camera to record your video introduction. When the video is ready, upload it either to YouTube or Vimeo, and paste the link to your video into the registration form or your profile (My profile > Video).

IMPORTANT: Do not mark your video as "Private”, otherwise, your potential students will be unable to view it. If you upload your video to Youtube, mark it as "Unlisted”. This means that only you, RighTutors users, and those who have the direct link can see your video. If you upload it to Vimeo, select "Anyone” or "People with the private link” in settings.

Profile description guidelines

All you need to know when writing your tutor profile

An engaging profile can really help you grab the attention of potential new students. Use this space to highlight your strengths and tell students what makes you a great tutor.


Your profile is your chance to be unique and really bring out your top tutor qualities. It helps you show students more about yourself and what you can offer them.


Here are some important questions to consider when creating your tutor profile:

  • What are your qualifications, work experience, and skills that are relevant to teaching?

  • What is your teaching style? What are your lessons like?

  • Do you have a preferred teaching method?

  • What activities and materials do you like to use during lessons?

  • What do you specialize in? (E.g. Business English, exam preparation, Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced)


Requirements for description

To pass our description approval process with ease, ensure your description follows the requirements below:


Do say your first name only

Don’t mention your last name, for privacy reasons


Do keep your personal information private

Don’t include your contact details, students can easily reach out to you through RighTutors messages

Don’t add any links to your personal websites or social media


Do write as yourself in the first person

Don’t write in the third person (E.g. "Jennifer is an experienced tutor”)


Do keep your content exclusive to yourself

Don’t include reviews from previous students. These will show in your profile when you start teaching lessons


Do keep your content engaging and true to yourself

Don’t copy paste your content from your CV or repeat yourself throughout the description



  • Profile headline

Your profile headline is the first thing a student sees (after your name) in the search results. This means that it plays a major role in getting a student to click on your profile! So you should try to think of something unique, personalized and attention-grabbing to make it attractive for potential students.


Our data scientists have determined that headlines between 50 and 75 characters gain the most profile views!


Ask yourself these questions when creating a catchy headline:


  1. What’s your main tutor quality/specialty? (E.g. Business English, English for kids, etc.)
  2. What’s your trust quality? (E.g. Years of experience, number of students taught, certifications, etc.)
  3. What makes you different?


Check this example which includes all 3:

In this sentence, "Business English Tutor” is a quality/specialty, "Certified” and "5+ Years Experience” are qualities that provide trust, and "Making Learning Enjoyable” is what makes them different.


Here are some other good and bad examples of headlines:



  • IELTS preparation tutor. 7 years experience. Expert in teaching English pronunciation

  • Experienced Spanish tutor – Take your Spanish fluency to the next level!

  • Business English tutor with 5 years teaching experience and a business background

  • Build your future: I will make you fluent in English with personalized lessons

  • Certified tutor – majored in Teaching Chinese as a foreign language

Not good:

  • English teacher

  • Certified tutor

  • Teacher Bob 

  • Profile description (About the tutor)

Make your description as student-centered as possible, focusing on how you could help your potential students reach their learning goals.


Your description acts as the supporting message of your video. In your intro video, students get to know about your personality. In your description, they get to really understand how you can help them succeed.


Your description should follow these guidelines:

  • Include the qualities that make you a good tutor

  • Explain your preferred teaching style and methods and what the student can expect

  • Briefly mention your previous experience

Here are some more recommendations to make your description stand out even more:

  • Include a warm greeting at the beginning and a strong call to action in the end (a call to action is a sentence that encourages someone to take an action, for example: Book your trial lesson with me and let’s improve your English together)

  • Be friendly and be yourself. These are students that will be choosing to spend many hours of their time with you, so they want someone that they can feel comfortable with

  • Describe what makes you interesting as a person: your interests, hobbies, achievements (keep in mind that this should not be the main focus of your description)

  • Split the text into paragraphs and use bullet points to make it easy to read

  • Use standard capitalization and punctuation (not ALL CAPS).

Once you’ve written your description, double-check your spelling and grammar.